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Saturday 24 October 2020
10am - 4pm

Brighton Racecourse, Freshfield Road

Brighton​ BN2 9XZ

Loading-in begins at 8am.

Exhibitor Check is at 9.30am

10-11am is a quiet hour for visitors preferring a quieter space or requiring increased access.

Please read all the details on this page before applying.

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at WonderFest, a one-day festival celebrating the wonder of the world around us.


We want to bring people together to share ideas. For 2020, our theme is ‘NATURE’ and we are inviting submissions from anyone who has ideas on that theme: you don’t have to be an expert scientist or or established engineer - everyone is welcome!

WonderFest is looking to host interactive activities that demonstrate your big ideas for the future and encourage discussion while sparking new ideas.


WonderFest is a FREE event for visitors, therefore we ask that all activities are free. You can sell merchandise (not food or drink) at your stall, but that shouldn’t be the main attraction.


Our aim is to make WonderFest as accessible as possible: the main entrance is accessible by ramp, we will have hearing loops available and be running a quiet hour at the start of the event, open to anyone who prefers a quieter atmosphere. We are always open to hearing how we can make the event more accessible; please do get in touch if you have suggestions.

We are hoping to accommodate as many activity providers as possible, however to ensure we meet the theme and room requirements we are running an application system.

If you have any questions, do get in touch at


We will be updating this section in Summer 2020.



If your application is successful we aim to provide your space needs. We hope to provide opportunities for meet other participants through grouping people into themes, and this may mean you’ll be sharing a (large!) table. Our hope is that connections and collaborations may form from the event.

There are limited electrical points in the venue, please notify us if you need to use one. We cannot guarantee access for all participants.

There will be nowhere to put up posters, and as we want the activities to be interactive we ask that you don’t bring your own poster boards. Promotional pop-up banners are ok, but we may have to remove these depending on room layout.

You are encouraged to bring tablecloths, otherwise the table is wooden.

There is a large, flat entrance to the event space, which can be accessed by vehicle.



Everyone is invited to explore WonderFest, because we believe that diverse contributions lead to richer debates and knowledge generation. We expect our activity providers to enable people from all backgrounds and with different experiences to feel represented and included. We also aim to provide any reasonable adjustments for activity providers.


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